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We worked with Shane and her team to renovate and make our laundry room more functional. I worked with Shane and her design team on potential plans/designs and she helped us hire reputable small contractors for the renovation/cabinet work. We really appreciated her insights and recommendations and felt very comfortable with the contractors that she recommended. For a small project like this, it was very helpful to find someone to help me coordinate the work and tie it all together. I would definitely recommend Shane to others with home renovation/re-organization projects!
Katrina Samarin
Simple Steps Consulting played a critical role in streamlining the overwhelm of decision making during our house renovation. Melissa worked with us virtually and her collaboration/guidance was invaluable in helping us complete a renovation that met our design needs! I would highly recommend this company. Whether in person or virtually, you will feel supported and in good hands!
Carri Loney
My husband and I are just completing a redesign project on our home with Simple Steps Consulting. We live in Illinois and have been working remotely with Rosenelle Pierre of Simple Steps. The process has been smooth as my questions have been answered swiftly and with resolve. We worked primarily by email and video-chat. I appreciate the results as the colors of my house match so well with the paint colors on the walls. Additionally, I have learned better how to adjust my decorating choices to my style. Simple Steps has been very flexible with our needs throughout our project! I would, without question, recommend them to anyone looking to improve their interior design choices!
Susan Moe
We have had the pleasure of working with Simple Steps over the past year and I must say, it has been an exceptional experience from start to finish. Shane and her team at Simple Steps have displayed an incredible level of professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail throughout the entire design process.From the initial consultation to the final installation, they listened attentively to my ideas and preferences, and then seamlessly translated them into a beautiful, cohesive design plan. Their expertise in space planning, color coordination, and material selection truly elevated the look and feel of our home.What impressed me the most was their ability to combine functionality with aesthetics. They skillfully maximized the use of space, incorporating smart storage solutions and practical layouts, while maintaining a stylish and inviting atmosphere. It's clear that they truly understand the importance of creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and livable.Communication with the team was always prompt and clear, making the entire process smooth and enjoyable. They were open to my feedback and collaborated with me at every stage, ensuring that the final result exceeded my expectations.Simple Steps delivered not only a stunning transformation of my home but also an exceptional customer experience. Their dedication, creativity, and attention to detail make them a standout in the industry. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a talented and reliable interior designer.
Melissa Johnston
We were in our new home for a little over a year and I needed help with getting my closet and our daughter's closet together since everything was still in boxes and her changing sizes constantly! An awesome neighbor told me about Simple Steps and all the things they do! I immediately called. Shane and team came in and my stress and anxiety went away! Since then we've had our garage, basement storage area and kids playroom all nicely organized. We can't thank them enough and the team is so friendly and professional! Thanks ladies!!! I highly recommend them!
Irene Lu
I'm not even sure where to begin. Our journey with Shane and Simple Steps crew began when we were at a total loss on where to start, or how to start the redesigning of our home. My husband found them online, and we decided to take a leap of faith with asking Shane to help us. From that point on, over a year now, we are still asking them to come back and help us! Lol. They are the friendliest and most professional group of gals you will ever come across. There have been times when Shane and Melissa have brought an idea to me, and I shrugged it off. To having a light bulb go off inside my head and revisiting what they presented, and their idea ended up being more perfect than what I could envision in my head. I learned to realize (and trust); this is why we hired them! They are the experts and believe me- they truly are absolutely amazing at what they do and how they completely transform living spaces. Our entire home looks like a model home at this point, and it is all because of Shane, Melissa and their entire crew! P.S. They are also really amazing at cleaning out and organizing garages and basements too!!I just love you ladies to pieces! Thank you so much for everything! I can't wait to have you back! xoxo~Kym
Kym Dunleavy
This team of ladies is wonderful! We went away for 5 days and they transformed our house in Christmas! But, that’s an understatement…they cleaned and put away all fall decorations, put our dining room back together (toys everywhere!), put up my Christmas village, and helped search for our missing cat. All of this done out of love for our family. We cannot express our gratitude for this team enough. Thank you Simple Steps Consulting!
I am so grateful I reached out during a big transition in life for me. They did an excellent job organizing my family albums and momentos. It has relieved a great deal of mental stress about how to get started. I hope you take advantage of the professionalism and kindness of special people who truly want to help you. It is priceless. Beyond grateful.
Betsy Stevens
These ladies are incredible! They have a gift (that I admittedly do not possess)! I had good intentions to organize my basement, and yet I never could have accomplished what they conquered in two days! I am now proud to use this room in my house & understand the vision they created with and for me. I finally have space where previously it was a cluttered mess! So very thankful for their talent and ministry to bring joy to my home!
Janet Weachter
"Shane are her team have such a gift for what they do. They take the time to listen and hear your needs and execute the perfect solution! I have used Shane personally and for my real estate clients and the outcome has always been amazing!"
Heather Smith
They are so easy to work with! Shane was a breeze to work with and she sent a team that was perfect for my needs. Whether I wanted to work along side or just let them run with the project they were always professional and very thorough and efficient. We spent one day just packing up fragile antique dishes which survived the move unscathed due to Lisa's careful wrapping and then I just let Lisa pack up my kitchen in the old house and unpack it in the new house. She organized my cabinets in ways I never thought to. I am so pleased! I highly recommend Simple Steps!
Shari WB
Simple Steps Consulting did an amazing job of reorganizing our garage! Shane and the team took the time to listen to our goals and put together a plan that would create a transformed and organized space. Months later, we are still enjoying the benefits of the project. Thank you so much!
Stephanie Wasson Bourland
Simple Steps Consulting was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish! Our team listened to our needs, challenges and goals and worked tirelessly to create a finished product that is better than I could have imagined. They took a messy, unorganized basement that I avoided and created a beautiful space where I can easily find anything I need and then followed up by doing the same with our garage. I loved how they approached the process, included me in decision making and pushed me when I needed to get out of my own way, let go of items and use our space effectively. When the projects were finished, I honestly missed seeing the team each day and have been making a list of future projects so that I can bring them back again!
Kelly Pustizzi
We invited Simple Steps Consulting into our home to help make my elderly mother's closet more functional for her. The clothes racks were too high for her to safely reach and were falling. Now they are lower and more secure. There is now shelving and organization that is more focused on the needs of my mother and not just as storage. Simple Steps consulted with my mother and listened to her concerns and desires.I would recommend Simple Steps to others and have even considered bringing them back for more work at my house, when the time is right.
Traci Pennypacker
Shane and her crew did an amazing job. When you think of professional organizers, or at least I did, I thought - they can make our house look pretty. I thought it would be a challenge for anyone to come in my home office and understand the "organized chaos". Shane's crew did an amazing job with not just organizing the "stuff" but also, helped me through by talking about how to organize a better flow for the amount of paperwork coming in and out of my home office... I'm proud to say - 3 weeks later - I have no piles of papers on the floor (as I clearly know where they go). All of my supplies have a place and every employee and family member knows where to put things. Shane's system clearly have helped my business to be more efficient as I can be more productive in my space. Thank you again, Shane!
George Bancroft
Shane and her team at Simple Steps are amazing. First of all, they show up on time, listen and treat you like you are part of their team throughout the whole project. We have been working with them regularly over the past year.They organized our whole house and everything had a place.Then, we realized with the size of our family that we needed more house. Shane attended our meeting at the design center for our new house. The team packed up the old house and she was on site on day one at our new house. In a world full of chaos that is moving, they took most of the worry out of the process.At our new location, they have helped immensely with overall design, organizing, and aesthetics. They transformed my office into an awesome, peaceful sanctuary. Thank you Simple Steps!
Todd Buzby
Shane and Nancy did a great job with the redesign of our living room/ dining room. They were able to use furniture and artwork that we already had and rearrange it to make the space more cohesive, clean, and usable. They suggested paint colors and chose a few pieces to help round out the redesign (curtains, lamps, mirror). Nancy went with us to the furniture store to pick out a new loveseat to match the room. Shane and Nancy suggested that I repaint two pieces of furniture as well as 4 chairs to help with the cohesion of the space. They did a great job, and I would definitely use them again.
Kristy Cameron
Shane did a great job at organizing my closets that I can even walk in the walk in closet again! No more squeezing in to get stuff! Not only that, but she organized under my sink which I was not expecting.
Jason Weaver
We can not say enough wonderful things about Shane and Lisa. Our garage was a disaster and I’m 6 short hours Lisa worked with my husband to get it ready for showings. Thank you for your amazing work.
Heidi Farinas
Shane and her team are fantastic to work with! They organized work spaces as well as redecorated our lobby and meeting room. From start to finish, the process was smooth, organized, and a lot of fun! Shane comes with enthusiasm and professionalism. She is a great communicator and keeps the project moving along. I highly recommend for any organizational or design needs!
Tasha Hoover
Shane and her team have been a godsend as my parents have moved into assisted living. From the first hours of planning through to organizing house contents, making the right things happen with each category of contents, packing for the move, and managing post-move punch lists, Shane adds value by bringing ideas to the table, thinking of important details, being patient with how we might be feeling, and putting in all the necessary work for each phase to be a success. She has an amazing focus on follow up, quality, and timeliness. We simply could not have gone through this important life event without her help and guidance. Highly, highly recommended.
Cynthia Orme
Shane is absolutely wonderful at what she does. She is extremely professional, with a heart of gold. She treats your home and and your valuables, furniture etc with a lot of respect. Organizing one’s home is not an easy task; often you have to make difficult decisions to get rid of things that one is attached to because of memories; Shane understands this process, respects it and will work with you. She treats your home like her own, with Lots of Love, care and délicatesse.
Atoussa Mueller
The consultants were so easy to work with and made my entire family feel at ease. They made donating our unused stuff the easiest ever by sorting it so we could see what we had then donating it for us and giving us the receipt! They went above and beyond organizing and now everything in our garage is neatly labeled , organized and easy to access! It not only looks better we have a lot more space now!! Worth every penny and then some! I'm so glad I found Simple Steps!
Mirinda Buxton
Shane and her staff were nothing less than spectacular. My moving company, who was supposed to also pack and unpack our house in addition to transporting, bailed at the last second. Simple Steps swooped in and quite literally saved the day. Shane and crew took total control of the situation, took the stress off of my, and got to work. I gave her authority to make decisions about trashing and donating and organizing. I work from home and she literally worked around me and had my whole house unpacked and organized before I went to bed the second day. She was a lifesaver and my house looks beautiful. I’m so happy.
Elise Baker
Shane and Lisa did a wonderful job on my closet, laundry room closet and pantry.Very professional and all work completed in a timely manner.Highly recommend Simple Steps Consulting.
Cindy Gambone
Shane was very helpful and efficient through the entire process. The apartment came out great!!
Mike Gular
I have a wonderful experience with Shane and I highly recommend her service to everyone. Shane is very thorough and we are very happy with her work.
Ariel Nguyen Faulkner
Shane didn’t only reorganize my home, but she also created a lovely look, feel, and flow while keeping budget and functionality in mind. She has AMAZING vision and creativity.
Jennifer H

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