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At Simple Steps Consulting, we offer our clients both individual and TEAM organizing and design services. Having a team approach enables us to work more efficiently, saving our clients both money and time, while working towards their goals. Our team of professionals specializes in the services that align with their passions, training, and experience while also being cross trained to support the ever-changing needs of our clients and their projects.


Hello, I’m Lisa McClain. Creativity and a heart for restoring peace is what drives my love for organizing and design. In my role as Organizing Team Lead, I get to combine my over 30 years of outdoor education, social work, and organizing experience to help bring simplicity and aesthetic design to spaces previously chaotic and in disarray.


Hello, I’m Melissa Merrill and I’m a Design Team Lead for Simple Steps Consulting. I’ve been a designer for 10 years and whenever I start any project, my first objective is always to listen to and understand the client’s goals for their home or commercial space. I want you to feel heard before any design begins. Every detail matters.


Hi, I’m Nancy Quinn. For 35+ years I worked as an Administrative Assistant in Research & Development with GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals and I’m so pleased to bring all of that experience along with me as the Operations Assistant, and also as an Organizing & Design Specialist for Simple Steps Consulting. Wearing two hats allows me to combine my administration skills and my interest in design to help wherever my expertise is needed most at the time.


Hi, I’m Kassie Smith, and I get to share my love for ‘all things design’ as an Organizing & Design Specialist for Simple Steps Consulting. Prior to working with Shane and her team, I was involved in organizing and designing countless bedrooms, apartment spaces, and single-family homes, including working with general contractors. 


Hi, I’m Rosenelle Pierre. For almost 10 years, I’ve worked in the design and construction industry.  I am glad to be able to combine the skills that I’ve learned over that time working as a Design Specialist with Simple Steps Consulting.


Hello! My name is Meredith Michener and I’m working with the Simple Steps Consulting team as an Organizing & Design Assistant. In the past, I worked in human resource management and organizational development, so working with clients to help them organize and design their spaces is a great fit for me.

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