At Simple Steps Consulting, we offer our clients both individual and TEAM organizing and design services. Having a team approach enables us to work more efficiently, saving our clients both money and time, while working towards their goals. Our team of professionals specializes in the services that align with their passions, training, and experience while also being cross trained to support the ever-changing needs of our clients and their projects.

Meet Our Team


Hello, I’m Lisa McClain. Creativity and a heart for restoring peace is what drives my love for organizing and design. In my role as Organizing Team Lead, I get to combine my over 30 years of outdoor education, social work, and organizing experience to help bring simplicity and aesthetic design to spaces previously chaotic and in disarray.

At first, I began using my intuitive skills in organizing as a personal mission to help family and friends who found it challenging to create order in their lives. Eventually, that drive became a life aspiration that took on a professional direction in my life. That’s when I met Shane and was introduced to Simple Steps Consulting. Now I get to use my background as a counselor to support you and the goals you are trying to accomplish. I listen and process the things that are most bothersome to you and work alongside of you to find the best solutions

My family has been my biggest supporter across this personal and professional journey. I share most of my time and interests with my husband and best friend of 22 years, Scott, and our two amazing daughters, Alina and Vika. I enjoy cooking, creating things with my hands, and making pottery. I’m a lover of nature and spend as much time as possible outside, being inspired by it and, when it makes sense, striving to bring it into my organizing and design style.
As Shane and I began talking it was almost instantly apparent that we both spoke the same language around organizing homes and designing spaces. We are a perfect fit. It has been the greatest joy for me to join the Simple Steps Consulting team and come alongside our clients to simplify, maximize, and restore peace and calm at home and work.


Hello, I’m Melissa Merrill and I’m a Design Team Lead for Simple Steps Consulting. I’ve been a designer for 10 years and whenever I start any project, my first objective is always to listen to and understand the client’s goals for their home or commercial space. I want you to feel heard before any design begins. Every detail matters.

Then, combining your unique design ideas and requirements with my proficiency for tailoring spaces for their imagined and intended purposes I’ll effectively coordinate and contrast color, furnishings, lighting, flooring, durable finishes, and more. I’ll also use my ability to think outside the box to incorporate just the right pieces for your space. As these components come together, you’ll begin to see the transformation and your design goals realized. When the work is completed, we love celebrating a space that exceeds your expectations and fits you best.

Though I love designing, it’s not all that I do. As a resident of Lower Providence Township, I like to take advantage of the many parks and trails that are local to us. You can often find me outdoors enjoying a bike ride with my husband on the Perkiomen Creek or Schuylkill River Trails, and hiking on the loops at Valley Forge National Park. I’m also pretty obsessed with documenting our family memories of special trips and ‘everyday life’ through photos and journaling. It’s just another way that I incorporate details and design into my life.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that Simple Steps Consulting provides for me to use my skills and help others make impactful change in their homes and businesses. I’m fortunate to be a part of this team and I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can help transform your space.


Hi, I’m Nancy Quinn. For 35+ years I worked as an Administrative Assistant in Research & Development with GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals and I’m so pleased to bring all of that experience along with me as the Operations Assistant, and also as an Organizing & Design Specialist for Simple Steps Consulting. Wearing two hats allows me to combine my administration skills and my interest in design to help wherever my expertise is needed most at the time.

It’s a pleasure to effectively handle client communications, interactions with vendors, and other business communications that help make our team and your projects run like a well-oiled machine. When I switch hats into organizing and design, I love helping people make better use of their home or office by making it a pleasant space where they want to be.

My husband, Chad, and I share a wonderful blended family. My son is headed to Columbia University in NYC to start a two-year MBA program and Chad’s amazing four adult children are all in various stages of life. We love traveling and spending time with our extended family. I also enjoy reading, exercising, cooking, and my backyard garden.

Knowing that each day I get to work with this amazing team of organizing and design specialists is so gratifying. The Simple Steps Consulting team is committed to providing quality, comprehensive services to our homeowners and business owners, and I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to provide the same for you.


Hi, I’m Kassie Smith, and I get to share my love for ‘all things design’ as an Organizing & Design Assistant for Simple Steps Consulting. Prior to working with Shane and her team, I was involved in organizing and designing countless bedrooms, apartment spaces, and single-family homes, including working with general contractors.

While working on my undergraduate in Psychology, I had opportunities to grow my skills as an Assistant at Smith and Thomasson Interiors and as a Material Control Assistant at Platform Aerospace. I’m excited every day that I can use my experiences in managing and organizing inventory, implementing procedures, team leading, and home design to help clients solve for organizing and designing the most challenging spaces in their homes and businesses.

I live locally now, but I grew up in Annapolis, MD, where I met and married my husband, Harrison. Our little family consists of us and our two rescued cats, Beau and Ty, who we just adore. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, camping, pickle ball, art, and spending time with family and friends. When I’m not busy with all of these things, you can find me using my energy and the fundamentals of what I’ve learned to practice and hone my organizing and designing skills in my own home.

Working with Simple Steps Consulting provides the opportunity for me to serve others by helping make each home or business look and function according to their unique personality and story. I’m grateful to be a part of such a fun and lovely team and am excited to continue serving our clients.


Hi! My name is Lauren Bowman and I enjoy being on the Simple Steps Consulting team as an Organizing & Design Assistant. My past roles in commercial real estate sales, marketing, and leading volunteers for non-profits and networking groups equipped me with broad experiences that I use to help our clients every day.

I’m truly eager to meet new clients, jump into a project, and make their goals a reality. Whether I’m shopping for materials, building out furniture, or organizing a dusty basement, my focus is always being helpful to my team and delivering the highest quality work to you, our homeowners and business owners.

I knew when my son started school that I wanted to contribute to our income, but work had to be just the right fit. Simple Steps Consulting checked all the boxes and was perfect for me in my current season of life. I’m so thankful for the flexibility I have to serve our clients and still be available to my family. And when there’s spare time, I enjoy spending it with my husband, traveling, being active outdoors, and cheering on my son at his ice hockey games.

Even before Shane launched Simple Steps Consulting, she shared her vision for the business with me and I knew she’d be successful at whatever she set out to do. It’s amazing to watch her flourish and see the exciting transformations that come to life in our clients’ spaces. But what’s even better is that I get to be a part of making it happen.


Hello! My name is Bridget Bondi. I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering via Arizona State University’s online program and will graduate in 2023! I joined Simple Steps Consulting in the summer of 2021 and love using my skills in problem solving and creativity to help our clients meet their goals.

As a young child I enjoyed organizing things in my bedroom and playroom. I still love to group items, designate them into bins, and find a spot for everything. I look back and find it fascinating to see how my personality and interests have developed over time and are transforming into the paths for my future. The best part is getting to use those to help others along the way!

I’ve grown up in Collegeville and love that we serve so many clients close to home and in the surrounding areas. In my spare time, you may find me fostering dogs, hiking, volunteering in youth ministry and playing the keyboard for my local church.

When I met Shane a few years ago, we clicked instantly. I was thrilled when she approached me with the opportunity to join her growing business. It has been a joy to work alongside of her and the rest of our team. Simple Steps Consulting excels at taking what you have and reimagining it for better function, flow, and usability, and I count it a privilege to be a part of that process.


Hello! My name is Meredith Michener and I’m working with the Simple Steps Consulting team as an Organizing & Design Assistant. In the past, I worked in human resource management and organizational development, so working with clients to help them organize and design their spaces is a great fit for me.

Over the past two years I discovered my love for woodworking, too. It started with making raised bed planters and then it grew from there to making outdoor furniture, tables, shelves, and all sorts of functional accessories for my home. When I learned about the opportunity to help with installations of organizing systems and design pieces for the home and office, I knew I could combine my previous work experience and this newly discovered interest to make a difference in other people’s lives.

My husband and I live locally in Lower Providence with our two children and we love the outdoors. During the warmer months I enjoy camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, and working in my vegetable garden. As the weather gets cooler that’s when I hit the local trails with one of my dogs and a bike or scooter. But watch out when winter hits…that’s when you’ll find me and my “pack of dogs” participating in sled dog sports.

I love the opportunities I've had with Shane and our team to dive in and help our clients figure out the best solutions for their home or office space. It’s always a good day when we’re helping someone tackle a project that ultimately provides better function and design. I know Simple Steps Consulting can find the answer for you, too.

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